Platinum Blonde rocks Uxbridge


 Photo by Al Fournier Platinum Blonde’s Mark Holmes, Dan Todd and Sergio Galli entertain a full Elgin Park in Uxbridge at Hitsfest.

Photo by Al Fournier

Platinum Blonde’s Mark Holmes, Dan Todd and Sergio Galli entertain a full Elgin Park in Uxbridge at Hitsfest.

What a way to end a day of music at Hitsfest with Canadian rockers Platinum Blonde. The legendary trio packed Elgin Park in Uxbridge to conclude this half-day music festival. Music varied from local and non-local artists playing rock, country and grunge to keep you on your feet all day long.


It all started at noon on July 8 with Tone Shepherd opening the festival, the grounds at Elgin Park were coming to life with the roar of good old rock and roll. The vendors on site were finalizing their set ups so you could eat and drink without leaving the area. For those who wish, a beer tent was in place to quench their thirst with a variety of craft beers and coolers.


The list of acts to hit the stage were as follows:

  1. Tone Shepherd
  2. Kevin Kerr
  3. Days of York (Concert Debut)
  4. Ayerheart Roofing Co.
  5. Julien Kelland
  6. Sarah Wickett
  7. Sarah
  8. Orangabang
  9. Rynheart
  10. Goodnight, Sunrise
  11. Last Bullet
  12. Mumbai Standstill
  13. Platinum Blonde


Even though each group had their fans and everyone enjoyed the music all day, anticipation was growing to the main act. Platinum Blonde made it to the stage at 10:00pm and began to rock the now full park. Kicking off their set with, “Take it from Me” the crowd couldn’t be happier, singing along and cheering to the iconic tunes. Songs from over a 30 year career of the Blondes were just what the fans wanted and were not disappointed. “Sad, Sad Rain”, “Contact”, “Not in Love” and of course “It Doesn’t Really Matter”.

Lead vocalist and bass player kept words between songs to a minimum so the group could get all of the classic hits in before curfew. Sergio Galli continued to pluck away at the guitar while Dan Todd kept everyone on que pounding on the drums, not missing a beat.

The show was coming to an end but the intensity of the crowd was not dying down, they wanted more. Mark Holmes stated, “Forget the break, no encore, just more music” and played on and ended with their number one hit, “Crying Over You”, the fans were not sleeping, far from it, alive and kicking joining in to assist the group and raise the volume to 11.

Forget the curfew, Platinum Blonde had to do an encore for these diehard fans who were wanting more.

A good day in the park, Hitsfest was a success, everyone was leaving on a high note. The organizers at 105.5 Hits FM are sure to be pleased and bring this event back again next year for the people Uxbridge and surrounding area.