UOIT votes for Student Association leadership

Unofficial results for UOIT's 2017 Student Association elections

For the first time, UOIT students cast their ballots electronically as they made their choice for the future of the university’s Student Association on March 22-23.

Talib Ali will assume the role of UOIT’s student association president, having received the most votes—659. Ali received nearly 45 per cent of the total votes for SA president.

Patrick Kirkwood placed second with 476 votes, and Abel Shimeles came in third with 338.

For vice-president, Miguel Salaices and Wasseem Shaath held the top two spots with 757 votes and 605 votes respectively. Both candidates received around twice as many votes as the third, fourth and fifth place candidates.

When asked if voters “support the establishment of a new and separate student association for UOIT students,” the university overwhelmingly voted in favour of separate associations.

Just over 1,400 students agreed with the separation, with only 127 not in favour, or opposed, to the motion—a margin of 11 to 1.

Students are reminded the results are still unofficial. They will become official after all appeals related to the election have been heard.

Durham College students were unable to vote in this year’s elections, as the vote for DC’s SA leadership was cancelled.

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