Local artists sit down with students

Photo by Emily Brooks

The stage where the artists sat for Q and A.

Looking for local artists who are willing to sit down with their fans and talk about their lives? Than you should have been at the Music 411 event that happened at EP Taylor’s.

The atmosphere of the pub was very different than its usual weekday vibe. There was creativity and just sheer happiness that flowed throughout the place.

Records were hung on the walls, and bright coloured tables were set up to help welcome the musical artists to the school.

The event was set up by the first-year Music Business Management students, who were able to get some fairly well-known names. Missy Knott, Jojo Wellington, SayWeCanFly (Branden Barrie), and Keynes Woods were the artists that were there, and Doug Elliott was the announcer for the evening.

The room went through several different moods. It started with Woods hip-hop beat coming through which made the room bob along with the music.

It then transitioned to Missy Knott’s soulful vocals and into Barrie’s heart filled song that spoke of his recent break up.

The mood was brought around to its cheerful atmosphere by Jojo’s technological beats.

The artists sat through a question and answer section while they were on stage and then moved to the tables to sit down with their fans and talk about various topic that they might be curious about.  

One of the questions asked was if the artists experienced anxiety often while they worked and Barrie said,

“I think you need to be a little messed up to be able to work in this industry.”

Throughout the evening people spoke about how hard it must have been to set up the event, and wondered about what went into the making of the Music 411 event.

Luke Geddes who is a first-year student in the program, helped organize the event. He said, the first-years have been working on this event since the beginning of the semester or 13 weeks ago.

“We were split into three different groups at the beginning of the semester and given different events to cover and organize.” Becca Thompson, another first-year Music Business Management student said.

Thompson also said, while she was stressed during the procedure she was excited for how the event would work out.

The work of the first-year students paid off. There were plenty of people who attended and the artists enjoyed the showcase.