Better time management leads to better life

Photo by Micheal Bromby

College is busy with deadlines and for some students managing a part-time job, but doesn’t have to be stressful. According to some students, it is possible to work and manage your time.

Sara Pournader is a Digital Video Production student who feels pressure from her part-time job. She says the level of stress in her course on top of the amount of stress she receives from her work is often hard to handle.

“When you’re running out of time I get more anxious and stressed,” said Pournader. “When I realize I have so many things to do and not enough time.”

She says she pays for school, and pays to drive to campus every day. This is one of the main reasons she needs a job. Like many students, it is a balancing act between school, a job, and paying to live. There may be reason to be concerned.

A study done by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America said 85 per cent of students feel overwhelmed throughout the school year, and 30 per cent say stress had negative effects on their school work.

Pournader has advice for students who feel overwhelmed balancing their work and school life.

“Focus on yourself, make sure you’re OK, and let people know when you’re not,” she said.

Retail stores such as grocery stores, restaurants, and clothing stores are common workplaces for students. Retail stores hire many students because they are willing to work more hours for money they need to pay for school and rent.

Danielle Liscoumb, a hiring manager at the Sutton Sobeys grocery store, says they hire more students because they are flexible.

“Other than nights, they can work when school is done,” said Liscoumb.

She said Sobeys tries to have a welcoming atmosphere for students. There is someone to talk to if they’re struggling. She also says it is important for everyone to help each other and to have a positive team.

“Everyone helps each other and that if someone feels lonely or anxious they have an outsource to talk to,” said Liscoumb.

Setting goals is an good way to find a balance between work and school life, according to Christine Rocha Director of Financial Aid and Awards at Durham College. She said students need to find an immediate goal and think of themselves first.

To do that, they need to let go of things that aren’t a priority and will not lead them to their goal.

“Is this job a benefit to me, what am I gaining from it? It may be costing you to go to work,” said Rocha.

She says students can receive bursaries that allow them to not work, which she says might be a better plan. She says students struggle most with time management and they can visit the Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) for guidance and coaching.

“I think planning, budgeting, and budgeting your time is important,” said Rocha. “It’s about what you have available and how are you going to spread that out.”

Sara Pournader says students need to prioritize, and focus less on social media and more on school.