Innovation Starts Here: RBRO Solutions


innovation 2

John and Howard Russell founded RRBO Solutions to create workflow and productivity strategies to help lawyers and companies worldwide. Their main office is located in Pickering, Ont.

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new, whether it is a method or device. Dennis Croft is currently the Chief Operating Officer of RBRO.

RBRO has been around for over 15 years and since then they have more than one office in the world. The two brothers have created an innovative company that has helped serve companies all around the world. Their main focus is on helping law firms.



This company isn’t just a local Canadian company, they are a global company, with offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as one in Asia Pacific.

With that being said they have been making a bigger presence working with bigger companies  Croft explains more of what they do for bigger companies.



Croft has brought his past experience from being a CEO at a smaller technology company  and has brought his knowledge to RBRO.



With the chances of major growth, RBRO has a very good reputation within the business and with their clients and their other partners.



Croft says innovation means creating something new or exciting or greatly enhancing something that already exists.



Durham College gets students involved in innovation within the college and the community. They create opportunities to connect students with real life scenarios to help further their education at Durham.

Debbie McKee Demczyk is the Dean of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Durham. She explains Durham College creates opportunities for companies. Innovation has many meanings but for McKee Demczy, it means making something better in order to contribute to the economy.



Durham College students interact with companies who need assistance with innovation sectors, giving students experience outside of the classroom and getting them involved in the community.



Durham College does not work against other companies they work together to satisfy what the company needs.