DC celebrates fifth annual Alumni in the Pit event

Photo by Nicole O'brien

DC alum Brent Lassard, DC President Don Lovisa and DC alum John Hotts chat before the Alumni in the Pit event starts.

A crowd of students flocked to the pit early last month to hear some success stories from past alumni. It was the fifth Alumni in the Pit event at Durham College.

The hour-long event connected students to DC alumni who gave advice, insight and the world of possibilities that awaits after you receive your diploma.

Brent Lassard and John Hotts- shared stories of their experience at Durham College and about their lives after graduation.

Hotts graduated in 2008 from the Advertising and Marketing Communications program. He currently works as a creative director at OneMethod,a Toronto-based design and ad shop, that identifies as a “creative crew that is most definitely digital.”

Hotts has worked with brands such as Delissio, Haagen-Dazs, Coors Light, Smarties and Sweet Jesus.

But his favourite campaign was having his design chosen for the new Canadian Football League logo in 2015.

Hotts says it’s great to be back visiting the college.

“It’s great just walking through the halls again,” Hotts says.

Brent Lassard graduated in 2014 at the top of his class from the Mechanical Engineering Technology program.

“I tried a couple of different things before college,” Lassard told the audience. “So I came to Durham College as a mature student.”

He works as a technician coordinator for International Leak Detection as well as a project manager for rLoop, an online think tank and talent resource company, which he co-founded.

Durham College president Don Lovisa- attended the event. He says the event helps spread the word of the good things DC students can achieve.

“We are here to support our alumni,” says Lovisa. “Our students do so well.”

Hotts says students should never be afraid to fail.

“I just want to take a second to acknowledge that failure is okay,” Hotts says to the audience.

The two alumni took questions from an audience of students and faculty in the Gordon Willey building and via Twitter and Facebook. They provided tips on subjects such as pursuing your passion, handling success, and the future of their careers.

Students who attended the event also had the chance to win a $100 door prize and some Durham College swag.

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