Calling all Canadians: Stand together

In one of the greatest Canadian moments a vigil was held in Quebec for the mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, which left six people dead. Canadians came together in support of the grieving families and showed the victims and the families are part of this country.

Now as a people, Canadians should stand as a united front to the world, stand behind the Prime Minister and reach out to the countries alienated by President Donald Trump.

The reality of Trudeau cooperating with Trump would make a lot of people grimace. The Prime Minister represents Canada and its people on a global scale and according to a poll from the Nanos Research group, which surveyed 1,000 Canadians between Dec. 16 and Dec. 19 in 2016, 75 per cent of Canadians want Trudeau to stand up to Trump. However, the PM also needs to look out for the best interests in Canada.

The U.S. is Canada’s biggest trade partner. Statistics Canada shows the goods exported to the U.S were over 34 million dollars in December last year. That is 11 million more than Canada’s exports to the European Union, the second largest trading partner. On the other side, Canada is only the second biggest trade partner of the U.S. since 2015. Our dependency on them is higher than their dependency on us.

Trudeau’s decision to not stand up to Trump is a necessary evil and Canadians should grant the Prime Minister some understanding and support. But as a people, Canadians can do so much more than simply support.

Being Canadian means more than just enjoying maple syrup, bacon, or poutine. It’s more than being a fan of hockey and more than enjoying a warm cup of Tim Horton’s coffee in the morning while munching on some Timbits. Canada is a blend of cultures and languages coming together as one, while sharing diversity.

Many Canadians can track their ancestry from somewhere else in this world. So as Canadians they hold on to two identities: the Canadian one right now and the one from wherever they came from, including traditions, habits and languages. Trudeau acknowledges and embraces that fact.

In October 2016, Trudeau announced January would be Tamil Heritage month, and October both Islamic and Hindu Heritage month. And let’s not forget Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival Parade every summer. The Prime Minister took steps to accept Canada’s diversity and unite it. Announcing the heritage months allows Canada to have more opportunities to bring diversity together.

In reaching out to others and embracing diversity as part of Canadian culture and identity, Trudeau is not the only one to do so. Some educational institutions do too.

Lakehead University and the University of Winnipeg made the change for students to require a three-credit course on Aboriginal Culture and History to graduate, to better help graduates communicate and work with the aboriginal population there.

Canada should continue being so progressive.

Canadians should support and unite behind their Prime Minister and be an example to the world. Canadians can support the country by embracing their culture and unite with other cultures in Canada.

Stand behind the Prime Minister. Trudeau is dealing with Trump for the sake of Canada’s trade with the U.S.