Midnight Tyrannosaurus: The Fossil EP Review

Photo by Chuck Kwok
Jason Figlioli making his meanest bass face.

Bass heavyweight Jason Figlioli, otherwise known by his stage name Midnight Tyrannosaurus has done it again: another EP packed with heavy bass wobbles and his signature sound design.

2016 ended with a bang for the underground dubstep artist. He played at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Orlando and his new EP The Fossil made its way to the #1 spot on the Beatport chart for Top Ten Dubstep Releases.

The four track EP features three brand new Midnight Tyrannosaurus songs, including one collaboration with Toronto’s own dubstep DJ Dr. Ozi. The EP also includes a remix from fellow dubstep producer Krimer, hailing from Montreal. From start to finish, the EP is loaded with face-melting dubstep and samples his fans know and love.

The EP starts off with the song Rat Jazz, featuring samples from Junkrat, a character in the popular PS4 game, Overwatch. Figlioli is a frequent gamer and likes to carry over the things he loves in his daily life right into his dubstep production.

The entire song has a dubstep meets jazz type feel to it. The song begins with a Junkrat sample saying, in his Australian rat voice, “today is a good day for some mayhem.” This sets the stage for the chaos that will ensue when the bass drops.

The build-up includes more Junkrat samples to prepare us for the upcoming madness. We hear a saxophone in the background keeping the jazzy feel to the track as it builds up to the wonky bass drop.

The bass drop features Midnight Tyrannosauruses’ signature dinosaur dubstep growls stretched out over fat kicks and snares; all the while hearing a Junkrat sample every so often directing the design of Figlioli’s sounds and bass wobbles.

The second track, Mudmen!, is filled with the high pitched screechy noises most bass heads love. The intro features a little disk scratching along with high-pitched rhythms almost reminiscent of a clarinet.

The fast-paced bass drop consists of unique screechy sounding rhythm packed beats. It is almost as if Midnight Tyrannosaurus was trying to fit as many beats into each bar of music he possibly could for the beginning 10 seconds of the first and second drop before stretching them out and allowing the listener to breath.

The third song on the EP, Evacuation, starts out using samples from the 2010 PC game Starcraft 2, giving all the gaming bass heads a nostalgic feel as they prepare for the destruction that is the drop.

The bass drop sounds like a robotic velociraptor growling with a vulture screeching in between each wub with all the wonky sound designs Midnight Tyrannosaurus is famous for.

The second build-up is similar to the first one except the final drop has a slightly different sound design with a choppier feel.

The EP ends with a Krimer remix of Mudmen! that takes on a heavier low pitched sound design with a similar chord arrangement. The samples are the same throughout the song but the drop is distinctly different with Krimer’s own distinct bass wobbles.

Overall, The Fossil is a fantastic EP and is one of Figlioli’s best releases to-date. The EP leaves us with enough fresh tunes to stay satisfied until the unreleased tracks from his EDC Orlando set are available.

You can listen to The Fossil for free on Soundcloud and Spotify or it can be purchased on Beatport and Itunes.


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