Journey to your past life

Photo by Trusha Patel

Psychotherapist Debbie Papakadis demonstrates the hypno healing process with guest Deborah Devine.

Hypnotism. Reincarnation. Terms many are familiar with, but might not believe in.

Debbie Papakadis, a registered psychotherapist and past life regression practitioner, brought her hypno healing techniques to Whitby’s Centennial building recently to demonstrate how the exploration of one’s past life can find the root cause of present day’s issues, such as health, relationships, finances, addictions, fears, and phobias.

“If we go back and just see an event from our past life, automatically 10 per cent of our issue is gone,” said Papakadis.

Papakadis is the founder and director of the Toronto-based Hypno Healing Institute Inc. She is recognized for her hypnosis training, healing techniques, experience and expertise. Papakadis has also appeared in the Toronto Star, National Post, Vitality Magazine, The NGH Journal of Hypnotism, The Hypnogram, EYE Magazine, Toronto Fashion Magazine, Oprah’s O Magazine and others.

According to Papakadis, a person can determine what time period they were part of in their past life based on their current interests.

Some of the indicators of the past life as presented by Papakadis are interest in a certain time period, interest in a geographical area, interest in arts, artifacts, music, dance, fashion, jewelry, home décor, movies, books, occupations, education, dreams, visions, obsessions, personality, and the ability to speak different languages without having to learn them.

In this past life and reincarnation event at the Centennial building, there was a small turnout. There were some guests who did not believe in reincarnation, but some who did.

Deborah Devine, a TV host for Healing Yoga, was born in a traditional Catholic family, so she was always taught to “get it right because she only had one life.”

“From a yoga perspective, we talk a lot about karma, we talk about the future lives, we talk about reincarnation, but these are ideas that are quite foreign to me (personally),” said Devine.

Though the idea of reincarnation was foreign to Devine, she was able to participate in a hypno healing session with Papakadis in which she was hypnotized to go back and visualize an event from her past life.

“(I’m) outside. (In a) village. There are people sitting under a tree. Somewhere in the Middle East. I am 14-years-old. There is a big meeting happening, with all women,” said a hypnotized Devine.

Papakadis did a demonstration of her hypno healing sessions with Devine to see if yoga had something to do with her past.

Although the demo did not reveal anything about yoga, Devine revealed that women in her family had reproductive problems, and the visualization in the hypnotism had something to do with the same topic.

While hypnotized, Devine spoke out about the meeting happening under the tree being about reproduction, menstrual cycles, birth, and creativity.

“It feels very empowering to hear that group,” said Devine while visualizing the event.

Devine had never been hypnotized before, so after waking up from the session she said she learned to believe in her ideas.

“It feels wonderful,” she said.

Whether people have only one life or more than one, it is unknown, but as Papakadis said, “it’s all about healing the present.”

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