Canadian superheroes aplenty in comic book universe

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Deadpool and Wolverine are well-known superheroes from the Marvel Universe.

Both of these super-powered individuals have a power called the ‘healing factor’. Both of them like sharp weapons.

But what people may not know about them – they’re both born in Canada.

Alex Calow, who works for Comic Book Addiction (CBA) in Whitby, Ont., says that including the bits and pieces of their Canadian origin is entirely up to the writer.

Although, according to Calow, “interestingly right now the Wolverine comic being published is called ‘Old Man Logan’ and Jeff Lemire is writing it, and he’s Canadian and he’s put tons of Canadian references into it. Like they’re constantly in Alberta and Northwest Territories like he finds way to get them into Canada and make Canadian references.”

Calow also mentions how he doesn’t usually receive any questions about Canadian superheroes but there is definitely a selection to choose from.


“There are a few smaller things (referring to heroes who are not Wolverine and Deadpool) that sell just because they’re Canadian,” according to Calow. He gives the example of heroes like Captain Canuck and another superheroine from Quebec.

Calow says they’ll sell about ten copies, which wouldn’t be good for Spiderman or Batman, but is a decent number for lesser known comics.

According to Calow, if someone came into CBA and asked about Canadian superheroes he would direct them to the Captain Canuck series of comics, “because his stories take place in Toronto and even like Mississauga.”

2017 marks Canada’s 150th anniversary and while many Canadians know the things such as the history of Canada, many seem to be completely unaware of any of our comic book heroes.

The Chronicle did an online survey to find out how comic fans feel about Canadian superheroes.

According to polling, more than one-third of respondents chose Wolverine as their favourite Canadian superhero, while almost as many said Deadpool was their favourite.

Although those two can be considered Canada’s most popular superheroes, there are several more. A couple of voters chose Scott Pilgrim as their favourite Canadian superhero. Scott Pilgrim is a graphic novel about a young man who is in a band and also fights super-powered villains.

A couple of other Canadians chose Northstar as their favourite. Northstar is a mutant who can fly, has super human speed and happens to be Marvel’s first openly gay character and the first Marvel character to be in a same-sex marriage.

While many said Wolverine or others, several voters didn’t even know there are Canadian superheroes.

“To be honest, I’m not sure! I can’t really think of any (superhero) who I know are Canadian,” said Emily Nicholishen, a fourth year biology student from Ryerson University, in a Facebook post.

Brittany Bunn, a Durham College paramedic student, wasn’t aware of any Canadian superhero, either.

Both were shocked to know Wolverine and Deadpool were Canadian even after seeing their movies.

Other Canadian superheroes of note are Captain Canada, Sasquatch, Vindicator, Equinox and Adam Strange.


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