Oshawa author combats bullying

Photo provided by Ryan Doyle.

"Tears of Loneliness: The Angel Within" was published in March.

Memory can be a powerful thing. An Oshawa author named Ryan Doyle is putting his to good use. He is using his memories to combat bullying, the very thing he has faced his entire life.

Doyle became a published author in March last year. His book, “Tears of Loneliness: The Angel Within,” is a memoir which chronicles the bullying Doyle went through from childhood to the present day, and it is also a self-help book for those falling victim to bullying.

“I wrote this book because I want to help the bullying victims of this world,” says Doyle, who studied two years at Durham College in the social services worker program before becoming a writer.

“I’m aware I’ve been able to overcome bullying myself so I’m very confident that my book can help other victims,” says Doyle.

Doyle breaks down the book into parts. The first 41 pages explain his experiences with bullying, starting from his childhood and all the way into present day.

The remaining 65 pages are designed to helps victims of bullying. Doyle gives tips for those who have experienced bullying, helpful suggestions to parents who have children who have experienced bullying, and also provides a how-to on being a supportive friend to someone who has been bullied.
According to BullyingCanada.ca, approximately one in 10 children have bullied others and as many as 25 per cent of children in grades four to six have been bullied.

But Doyle says cyberbullying has become an everyday issue.

“The most common harassment is cyber-harassment,” says Doyle.

According to Prevent.ca, one in three children have reported they have been cyberbullied.

Doyle hopes his book will encourage those to report bullying when it happens.

“A lot of it goes unreported,” says Doyle.

The 106-page memoir is available on Amazon.ca, but this won’t be the last time you’ll get a chance to read a book written by Doyle.

He has a second book in the works which will be a fuller memoir. Doyle also has a third book in the works, titled “The Bright Future,” which will help victims move on and live fuller lives.

“I just want to grow as much as I can as a writer,” says the 29-year-old. “And I want to write for the sole purpose of helping others.”

Along with Amazon, Doyle’s memoir is also available for purchase through the publisher’s website at www.xlibris.com.

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