Fitness, being healthy top resolutions for 2017

Photo by Dean Daley

LA Fitness 350 Taunton Rd. Whitby Ont.

New year, new me’ is a common phrase said by many whenever the year changes and 2017 is no different. Anyone from children to the elderly make New Year’s resolutions each year that focus on just about anything, but according to some media reports, getting healthy is the most common resolution made.

With the increase of people going to LA Fitness it’s clear to see those reports are accurate.

According to Sudesh Tambyana, the general manager of LA Fitness at 350 Taunton Road in Whitby, there is a considerable increase of interest in the gym.

“I’d say it’s an increased amount maybe 20 – 25 per cent than normal,” says Tambyana about the increase of memberships per day since the New Year. During other times of the year LA Fitness sees about eight new members per day, but since the year has started that number has increased to about 12 new memberships per day.

“Everyone wants to start the New Year the right way,” says Tambyana.

More members are not only joining but attending gym regularly as well Tambyana says. More members are also asking about personal trainers.

“A lot of people wait for the calendar to turn to make their goals and start their goal setting, which is good, but we feel it’s better to get proactive any time of year, but if New Year is the gimmick that works why not.”

LA Fitness is not the only gym benefiting from the New Year Durham College and UOIT’s shared gym is also seeing more activity. Daniel Blagrove, who works for the schools’ Flex facility, says there has been a lot more people at their gym.

“Yeah, we’re definitely seeing a lot of new faces,” says Blagrove. The Flex facility is seeing a lot of action because of the free fitness classes being offered for the week. Blagrove agrees the New Year has attracted a lot more students and staff to the gym.

Although the school gym is free, LA Fitness has a lot of amenities that impact their membership says Tambyana.

LA Fitness, opened on the final day of 2014 and also features a swimming pool, squash court and sauna. Tambyana says that is what attracts people to their gym in particular, with the added bonus of no yearly contract.


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