Up-and-coming trap singer Baby E looks to break to the next level

Rapper/Singer Baby Es new mixtape, Kill The Noise.

Rapper/Singer Baby E has been quietly building a fan-base for the past couple of years. His biggest single, “Finessin,” was released in 2015, and has been growing in popularity in the Hip-Hop underground. It attracted the attention of Lil’ Wayne, who featured a remix of the song on his No Ceilings 2 mixtape later that year. Baby E is signed to Young Money Entertainment, and is hoping to increase his profile with a new mixtape, Kill The Noise.

The mixtape plays to Baby E’s unique strengths, such as his strong voice. It will undoubtedly satisfy his established fans, who have been eagerly waiting for new material. What the mixtape lacks however, is another single as infectious as “Finessin” that will catapult him to further crossover appeal.

Baby E’s voice is his greatest asset. He sounds like no one else. His lyric tenor vocal range is immediately recognizable. He sings in a falsetto that can switch from breathy and light to forceful and strong on the same song.

His musical persona also separates him from his peers. Although he sounds like a pop singer, he has a hip-hop edge to his lyrics. “Nobody Has To Get Hurt” is a story of robbing a liquor store, and an almost desperate plea for the store owner not to test him or his willingness to shoot. “Bando” describes his history of selling drugs from abandoned trap houses. His natural cool charisma makes these songs credible.

Most of the songs are made for a female audience, however. Baby E’s voice is naturally swoon-worthy, and his chemistry with the women he sings about is almost palpable. Refreshingly, he avoids misogynistic tendencies which other rappers and R&B singers often employ.

“Always On My Mind” and “Need Me” are surprisingly mature ballads to lost relationships. Here, Baby E doesn’t blame his ex’s or himself, acknowledging wrong on both sides. Instead, he suggests it may be healthier to be apart, while still lamenting the love lost.

Such sentiment is both surprising and welcome in today’s music landscape.

Even cruder songs about more lustful desires never veer into ugly language or lyrics. “Baddest Bitch In The World” is a surprisingly endearing song to a muse.

Lyrics such as, “she got her money, she don’t need mine. All she wants is my free time,” and, “she’s a bonafide gangsta, once I met her mother I knew where it all came from,” suggest a high amount of respect for his lover.

If the mixtape has a weakness, it’s a lack of diversity in the production. Many of the tracks use the same synth and instruments, and songs start to blend into each other near the middle and end. “Nobody Has To Get Hurt” stands out because of its use of guitar.

Still, the mixtape can be listened to in its entirety and be enjoyed. It’s just a missed opportunity to hear Baby E’s voice over a different style of sound.

A sure-fire hit single is also missing. “Trippin” comes the closest. Baby E flows over the beat like an Olympic-level swimmer doing back-strokes in a pool.

Ultimately, the mixtape will undoubtedly bring Baby E a larger fan-base. It just feels like the first step towards bigger things for the artist. If he was to diversify his sound, and score just one massive hit song, it’s easy to imagine Baby E being the next Drake.

The mixtape came be heard on his official SoundCloud, or downloaded for free from DatPiff.com

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