Gift wrapping station uses newspapers this holiday season


A gift that was prepared at the gift wrapping station. Photo by Tyler Searle.

With exam week fast approaching, Durham College is offering its students the chance to wrap Christmas presents right here on campus.

The Student Diversity Inclusion and Transition Office (OSDIT), will be hosting its second gift-wrapping station at DC. However, instead of traditional wrapping paper, students will be given old copies of DC’s newspaper, the Chronicle, to wrap their gifts.

“Durham College wants to know that they are sustainable and politically correct,” said Eric Lacina, a work study student for the OSDIT who will head the gift wrapping station. “Since I am in an environmental program, I decided to put a sustainable spin on it [the station].”

Lacina has spent the last three years at DC studying for an advanced diploma in Environmental Technology. He is also a part of the Living Green Team.

The station will be located in the Pit and runs over a five-day period until Dec 9.

Students will be provided with old copies of the Chronicle to use as wrapping, and cardboard from recycled Tim Hortons boxes to use for tags, but they must bring their own gifts. The station will also provide snacks and drinks to anyone willing to participate.

“People don’t always have time to wrap their gifts when they are heading home—if they even head home,” said Lacina. “I know some international students stay over the winter break instead of heading home.”

The idea sprang up from wanting to provide students with a way to relieve the stress of getting their gifts prepared for the holidays without interfering with their study and exam times.

“I think it’s important because, first of all, not everyone has the time to go and buy wrappings, especially during exam week,” said Lacina. “And the sustainable aspects is an added feature. Instead of creating waste, you are using waste to make something new.”

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Tyler Searle is a second year journalism: web and print student at Durham College. His work primarily focuses on film, television, books, and games, though he also writes stories about local businesses and groups. Outside of school, Tyler reads fantasy books and spending time with his family. He hopes to use the skills he's amassed to become a writer for films, books, television, or video games.