Easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverBOY

For years, makeup companies everywhere have been using females to model their products. In early October 2016, history was made. CoverGirl took to their Instagram account to announce something to forever change the face of makeup: the first ever CoverBoy.

James Charles, a 17-year-old YouTube star is now the first CoverGirl male ambassador.

CoverGirl is giving males who want to wear makeup a role model and in doing so erasing the gender roles previously assigned to makeup.

For over 50 years, CoverGirl only used women in their advertisements. Celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Queen Latifah, Katy Perry, have all been the face of CoverGirl.

This time we get to see a male who is not afraid to represent male beauty. Charles started wearing makeup a year ago, and said he got noticed by CoverGirl on Instagram. Charles has his own style seen on his YouTube videos. He incorporates bright and bold colours on his face.


After exclusively having females only model for makeup brands, it begs the question… why haven’t we seen makeup companies use male models?

Society is to blame for such a long wait on a male model for a makeup company. There are many groups online who petition for men to wear makeup. Change.org has two petitions titles “Allow men to wear make-up” and “Stop discrimination of men wearing makeup.”

Musicians in rock bands like KISS and Green Day have been wearing makeup for years. Singer Adam Lambert said he started wearing makeup in his teens. So this is not a new concept. It just hasn’t fully been accepted.

Charles started his Instagram one year ago to inspire others. On his Instagram account he says, “I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup and can do anything if you work hard.”

CoverGirl is the first makeup line to give such a positive change to the face of cosmetics.

In August, YouTube star Georgie Aldous posted a video online and asked “Why can’t boys wear makeup?” Aldous says wearing makeup makes him feel gorgeous.

Aldous said if guy is wearing makeup people often assume, they’re trying to be a woman. As for Charles, his parents asked him if he was transsexual because he started wearing makeup, he had to do a lot of explaining to convince them this was not the case.

Hopefully people can start to embrace men who wear makeup and not question their sexuality.

Men should be able to look glamorous just like females. CoverGirl is using the hashtag #LashEquality to brand this product which brings to mind #GenderEquality.

Because we all can be a CoverGirl.

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