Where’s the jack, Apple?

 Photo of opinion writer Frank Katradis

Photo of opinion writer Frank Katradis

A classic phrase used by millennials when driving is “pass the aux cord”. This simple phrase lets the person with the auxiliary cord know another person wants to play music through their phone. This is not usually an issue, since all smart phones have audio jacks. At least they used to.

The new iPhone7, released in September, has no audio jack.  This is a bad idea.

The new phone boasts two cameras that take a photo as one, a new and improved HD and a powerful new chip said to be the best in a smartphone yet, the cordless headphones come at an unreasonable price.

Say goodbye to using other headphones. According to apple.com, if you want to hear music you have to pay $219.00 for AirPods: two cordless headphones to hear your music or talk handless. Now we can all look like the guy on his Bluetooth acting like he is busier than he already is.

Apple likes to think about innovation, however, this is not innovation. This is about usability and customer satisfaction, and Apple is failing at satisfying their customers.

People do not want to pay extra money for a specific pair of headphones. There used to be freedom of choice. If people wanted to use Skullcandy headphones, they could. If people wanted to use Beats by Doctor Dre, they could. If the person couldn’t afford expensive headphones, they could use a cheap dollar store pair. Now, if they want headphones, they must pay $219.00.

The AirPods are two small, cordless, separate headphones that you could easily lose. If you do lose them, it will cost you $219.00 for your mistake.

The worst part is the AirPods aren’t even out yet. According to apple.com the AirPods weren’t available till mid-October. Now, it’s looking like they won’t come out till late October. This means people who already have the iPhone7 can’t listen to music unless they are connected to Bluetooth. Now it’s official, we’re that “busy” guy on their Bluetooth.

With previous models, the iPhone came with a set of headphones. The iPhone7 costs $1,029.00 or $1,559.00 depending on how many gigabytes you buy. Add another $219.00 to hear your music.

Many Android phones range from $500 to $600, and they have the same features and come with headphones. If cost dictates, Android wins. However, Androids aren’t iPhones.

AirPods are easy to lose, and not compatible with many devices, making the iPhone7 not compatible with many devices, especially those that require an audio jack. This is a major step down for Apple. The future seems rather pricey thanks to these jack apples, or should they be called jack-less.

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Frank Katradis is a second-year journalism student at Durham College. When it comes to writing and reporting, he enjoys covering world news with specific interests in business, politics, humanitarian, and world culture . He likes to spend his spare time cooking, learning about different cultures, and reading . Frank hopes to work around the world covering stories that need to be told.