Putting the blues into blue collar

Cody Bowles (left) and Kevin Comeau (right) make up Oshawa's rocking duo, Crown Lands.

Music is unavoidable.

We hear music everywhere, whether it is Shawn Mendes at the grocery store or Passion Pit on a Taco Bell Commercial.

Music is a soundtrack to our lives but who are these musicians?

They are all around us, your neighbour, your family members. They are not necessarily the ones you hear on the radio and see on the cover of music magazines. They are just like you or I, humans, with emotions, feelings, and bills to pay.

Being a musician is definitely not cheap. There’s the cost of instruments, equipment, tour vans, studio time … the list goes on and on.

Most musicians start out independent, meaning they pay for themselves. They book shows by themselves, and work by themselves.

This is true for the working class duo, Crown Lands, an Oshawa band – Fronted by Kevin Comeau and Cody Bowles.

Both members work hard, balancing school and jobs, to keep their musical dream alive.



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Alex Debets is a second-year journalism student at Durham College. He enjoys writing about music, sports, and politics. His work can be seen on Riot Radio, and The Chronicle. Alex is a music lover, who spends his time collecting vinyl. He hopes to work at CBC Radio one day.