Magic in Oshawa

Photo by Frank Katradis

Award winning author Kenneth Oppel in front of a few of his novels at the Mclaughlin library in Oshawa.

Wizards, warriors, and warp speed, oh my!

Oshawa Public Libraries are holding a month-long festival this October. Inspired by the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and various fantasy books, the Sci-fi and Sorcery Festival, focuses on science fiction and fantasy stories.

Marketing and communications coordinator Dina Pen, says the festival has a lot to offer the public.

“It’s a combination of author visits and programming geared towards science fiction and fantasy worlds,” Says Pen. “We have also added in a Fan Con. It’s the first one that we’ve done.”

Canadian author Kenneth Oppel, is among many authors who have visited the festival already. He is one of seven science fiction and fantasy authors attending the festival. They get to introduce themselves to their fans and spread their stories.

“Usually the people coming to these are already there, they love reading, and most of them are interested in my books,” Says Oppel. “These are already the converted.”

You don’t have to be a big reader to attend these events. There are a wide variety of festivities that are for everyone, such as an invitation to Hogwarts, a night were children ages six to 12 can earn a wizarding degree.

For the older audience there are nights such as the Fandom Deathmatch, where fans of movies and television shows such as Game of Thrones, or Suicide Squad can test their knowledge on these movies and shows for prizes.

The event is attracting a lot of attention from students, including Cassandra Chen, who attended the Kenneth Oppel author night.

“I took notice of the event, and I was like, Oeh! This looks like something I’d want to go to. So I told my friends, and I’m dragging them with me.”

The festival runs until October 25. The libraries encourage the public to check out the festivities before the magic blasts off into hyper space.

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