Which is the best computer: Mac or PC?

 Photo of opinion writer Asim Pervez

Photo of opinion writer Asim Pervez



There is always a debate about what is the best car, best musician, best smart phone,best athlete and … best computer. Is it Mac or PC?

PC is the more common laptop because they are more affordable. But that extra money you’re spending on a Mac is worth every dollar. Even though Apple sold 4 to 8 per cent fewer computers in the second quarter of 2016, there is no doubt Macs are the best laptops on the market right now.

Mac laptops can run everything a PC can. For instance, Macs can run the same operating system as PC Windows legally. The main operating system on a Mac is OS X.

Boot Camp is a parallel OS which allows you to run other operating systems rather than the main Mac OS X. With Boot Camp, you are able to download and use Windows on a Mac. After Boot Camp is installed, you are given an option to start it up with OS X or Windows. It’s basically like owning two laptops put into one. On the other hand on PC, you can only run one operating system.

Macs also have a much more organized looking desktop. The average PC user has many icons. On a Mac, apps you frequently use can be found in the dock, the dock gives a Mac a simple, yet clean and organized look.

Finding a file with Mac’s Finder tool is much faster than looking for a file on a PC. Transferring files to a USB is also much faster on a Mac than on a PC. On a PC, transferring files may take several minutes.

Macs have more of a reputation for not crashing.

Macs also have Retina Display, which makes the resolution on the screen much higher.

The Retina Display gives the Mac desktop a rich and classy look.To top it all off, Macs are more durable. Macs are usually thinner with a sleek design, which makes them lighter and makes them easy to carry around in your backpack. The MacBook weighs a little more than 2 pounds. The MacBook Air weighs almost 3 pounds and the MacBook Pro weighs the most at about 3 and a half pounds.

Macs have really organized layouts, and it is easy to locate an app you regularly use because they appear in your dock. The Mac laptop is also less likely to crash, and has an extremely high quality screen display. Sorry PC, looks like Macs are the kings of the computer world.

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