Durham College students can take a load off in new chairs

Photo by Tyler Hodgkinson

Firefighting students (from left) Lauryn Penfold, Andre Floriddia, and Evan Jolicoeur enjoy using the new foldable chairs.

A new addition to Durham College has students sitting with joy.

Four wall-mounted chairs have been installed on the college’s second floor in the L-Wing for those in need of a spot to study, wait for class, or take a load off. Previously, students had no other option but to sit on the floor.

The Facilities and Ancillary department, which is responsible for installing new features and general upkeep of both Durham College and UOIT campuses, says the location was chosen because of lack of sitting space in the corridor for students.

The new hallway feature is located directly across from room L217, and is the first of its kind in both Durham College and UOIT.

The seats, which are spaced five inches apart, give enough room for whoever uses them to work or rest comfortably without banging elbows with others. They also have a padded bottom for coziness and an ergonomic hardwood backing for support and perfect posture.

“This is the perfect spot for me and my classmates to wait for class,” says Evan Jolicoeur, a student in Durham College’s Firefighter – Pre-service, Education and Training program. “I sit here all of the time.”

Jolicoeur uses the seats often because he has three classes in L217. He believes students need more spots in the hallways to sit, and adding more wall-mounted chairs is the perfect solution.

Andre Floriddia and Lauryn Penfold, classmates of Jolicoeur, both share the same concern over a lack of sitting areas in hallways.

“There is usually a fight to see who get the seats first,” Floriddia says, with Penfold adding, “it would make more sense for there to be more in this hallway and around the school.”

According to Scott Burke, Durham College’s manager of facility operations, there are plans to install more seats in the L-wing and other corridors around Durham College because there are “always students sitting on the floor waiting for their next class.”

He says the school is “always looking for furniture ideas and solutions” to make everyone more comfortable, and student response from a survey about the new chairs was positive.

Burke thinks the seats are beneficial not only for students and faculty, but facility clerks as well.

“What’s nice is that they’re not in the way when not in use, and it’s very easy for staff to clean the floors underneath them.”

Burke would not specify how much the seats cost to install, but says it was economic because “they use simple wall anchors to attach them to a wall.”

Facilities and Ancillary has not confirmed if UOIT will get the wall-mounted sets throughout any hallways.