Aren’t we tired of hearing about Rob Ford?

Now that Rob Ford is no longer with us, his brother Doug has taken on the role of verbally beating up the media.

Doug Ford has secured one of the biggest publishing houses in the country, Harper Collins, to print copies of a “tell all” book. Chances are Ford Nation will sell like crazy cakes or at least like Crazy Town, the book Robin Doolittle wrote about Ford’s brother Rob, the late mayor of the GTA. The difference being Doolittle’s book was published on proof of being a really good journalist. Crazy Town was published in 2014 and tells the story of what the late mayor did as well as what Doolittle endured to get it reported.

Bottom line is Rob Ford (RIP) gave the media the most talked about story in the history of mayoral duties. And the story, along with the Fords, made it all the way to Hollywood in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in March of 2014.

At a recent press conference in Etobicoke, with a barrage of, you guessed it, reporters, Doug Ford announced he and his late brother co-wrote the 260-page book. Ford Nation stems from the brothers’ desire for a nation to be named after them. The book was written before the former mayor succumbed to cancer earlier this year.

“Everyone will be named and we are not holding anything back, the media will also be named,” said Doug Ford to a group of journalists in Toronto this September. “My brother Rob was hounded by you, the media,” added Ford. Granted, Doug did go on to say there were some really good reporters out there.

Doug Ford does not want us to forget his brother. How could we? But the media is not to blame for what Rob did, nor is our current Prime Minister, who Doug blames for Rob Ford’s shenanigans. Did the media or any other politician make Rob Ford pose with ‘thuds in arms’? We all know the photo. The reporters didn’t ask Rob to pose with his cronies. Rob Ford was a high (pardon the pun) time politician, but it wasn’t until after the scandal broke that he started to yell at reporters and claim they ruined his life. His life may be over but his legacy lives on.

The book will be available November 22nd. We can be certain there will be a book signing somewhere in and around Etobicoke. Perhaps at the late mayor’s home?

Hopefully, the book will not turn into a movie. Some of us are all Ford’ed out.


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Angela Lavallee is a second-year journalism student at Durham College. She currently works as a freelance reporter for The Peterborough This Week.