Left to right: Ulf Elrud, Erik Svenberg, Weronica Turner, Janne Klevebeg, cheering on the Swedish team.

The World Cup of Hockey wasn’t kind to Team Sweden, but that didn’t stop Swedish fans from appreciating their time in Toronto.

Team Sweden fell to Team Europe in the semifinal 3-2 in overtime, but the hundreds of fans on hand for the tournament enjoyed the atmosphere at the Fan Village.

Weronica Turner, from Halmstad, Sweden, says this is one of the best events she and her group of friends has ever seen.

“We do the World Championships every year, but the World Cup is something special because you have all the best players coming together, it’s very special for us,” she said.

Cheering on Sweden from the Fan Village, Ulf Elrud, made Toronto his home for two weeks and he couldn’t be more delighted with his experience.

“I hope we can see this tournament again in four years, hopefully in the same city too because I love it here,” he said.

Swedish fans were among the hundreds of energetic supporters who came to Toronto for the World Cup of Hockey. This large event was made up of eight teams, with players representing 16 different countries.

Joakim Sandin travelled to the host city from Sweden.  Although his country lost in the semifinals, he still appreciates the opportunity to be in Ontario’s capital for the event.

“This is in Toronto, the hometown of hockey. If it was in Berlin, it wouldn’t be the same,” said Sandin.

It’s been 12 years since the last World Cup of Hockey which saw Canada grab gold in Toronto. In the past, the World Cup didn’t set a regular schedule on when it would be played but according to the NHL’s website, the festivities will be back in 2020 and beyond.

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Logan Caswell is a second-year journalism student at Durham College. When it comes to writing and reporting, he enjoys covering sports events. He likes to spend his spare time shooting photography and watching hockey. Logan hopes to become a sports photographer and or sports journalist following graduation.