DC, UOIT making a ‘riot’ on the radio

Photo by Dean Daley

Keiver Goodwin host of the Alternative Hour, posing in front of the Riot Radio studio room

Durham College’s radio station, Riot Radio, is now live – and on the web – for the fall. Riot Radio is the online visual radio station that operates out of Durham College that provides not only music, but news and insight about a variety of different topics for anyone in the world to watch or listen.

Jonathan Franz, volunteer coordinator for Riot Radio, says things are different from previous years. The student hosts have been asked to specify their topics even further ahead than usual. The goal is to increase the audience and try to diversify the content.

Keiver Goodwin, a nuclear engineering student at UOIT, hosts a show specifically about alternative music. Goodwin says he has different themes for each week and his topics for the week are Canadian artists who have released new alternative music and alternative music in movie soundtracks. He gives the example of the 21 Pilots song ’Heathens’ that had been featured in the movie, ‘The Suicide Squad.’

According to Goodwin, a three-semester Riot veteran, being on Riot “is a nice break during the day and doing something a little more creative.” He mentions that doing Riot keeps him a little more grounded and he thinks of it like an extracurricular activity.

In complete contrast to Goodwin’s alternative music show, John Lodge and Jake Radford, two first-year radio broadcasting and temporary media students, host their own show about NFL football.

Jake Radford (left) and John Lodge co-host of the Jake and Jon show
Jake Radford (left) and John Lodge co-host of the Jake and Jon show

Radford, an ex-Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) football player for York U Lions, and Lodge, an avid NFL fan, both speak to their knowledge about news in the NFL and other big topics in sports. Lodge and Radford believe they have a unique dynamic, as one of them was a student-athlete and the other actively watches and pays attention to the sport.

“Ready for the first day of the rest our lives?” Lodge said to Radford on their dry run on Riot. Both Riot Radio ‘newbies’ know they want to be working in sports radio after they graduate. However, for Lodge this is exactly what he wants to be doing.

“I know I want to be on air and this is a great way and platform to let it out,” says Lodge. They both agree Riot looks good on a resume and “it’s the perfect opportunity to advance myself,” says Radford.

Those are only a very small sample of the shows that will be on Riot this semester.

Riot has 37 different shows hosted by more than 50 different students. Riot programming goes from Monday to Friday starting 10 a.m. and runs for 12 hours except for Friday when Riot programming goes until 5 p.m. This semester a few shows on Riot have crossed the 200 viewers mark. According to Franz, hopefully as hosts and promotions get stronger, it will increase their viewers.

Franz says there are shows about NASCAR, world music and technology. The show Franz is most excited about is a new show that will focus on everything ‘Star Wars’.

Radford says to anyone who may want to consider Riot in the winter semester, to keep an open mind and just go for it.

“When you love what you do, it ain’t work, it’s just life,” Lodge says about doing Riot.

According to Franz they are no longer taking applications this semester for Riot, but students can apply again in the winter semester.