DC ball grad goes global

The love of football or what Canadians often refer to as soccer has always been a highly beloved sport across the Union Kingdom, especially England. But when Jordan Edmonds, a Horsham U.K. native picked up a baseball, it took him to major places.

Jordan Edmonds is a Durham College (DC) journalism grad who walked off the convocation stage in June and was selected to represent his nation at the World Baseball Classic Qualifiers in Brooklyn, New York in September.

Edmonds acquired a scholarship to Durham for baseball and played for the DC Lords while he was here.

Edmonds said playing for his country is a huge honour and will always be a great life achievement. He added the experience of playing in such a big large event was “awesome!”

Edmonds said playing at the national level was much differnt from playing with the Lords.

“Compared to DC over all [skill] level was much higher…there was guys from Brazil throwing like 99 [mph]. Israel had 19 players affiliated the professional teams.”

Edmonds humbly admits although as a newcomer to the group, he was proud to represent his nation on such a platform.

“I didn’t expect to play a lot, I was just happy to go for the experience.”

Edmonds began playing in the Great Britain baseball program at age 12. It was than Edmonds and Durham coach Sam Dempster began to build the excellent rapport they continue to have today.

Coach Dempster worked as a Milwaukee Brewers envoy coach who helped with the development of baseball in Europe. He would fly across the pond a few times a year as an assistant coach for the Great Britain club during tournaments and training sessions.

It was Dempster who proposed the idea to Edmonds of attending DC to and play ball with the Lords while gaining a post secondary education to Edmonds.

Wearing an Arsenal jersey while speaking to The Chronicle, Edmonds’ passion for football has not been suppressed by his baseball pursuits. He’s been playing soccer since the age of seven but treated it as a hobby Edmonds said. There just became a time when he realized if he focused on baseball he could potentially parlay into something much bigger.

“To be a football player in England, you better be special to get anywhere near the pros,” Edmonds said. So intuitively Edmonds followed his heart and its led let him to some of his greatest life achievements to date.

And although Great Britain was eliminated by Israel in the World Baseball Classic Qualifiers, Edmonds has already moved on a new baseball experience.

Within a week after the qualifiers ended, Edmonds got a call from an Australian baseball affiliate to join them for the winter to be apart of Athens baseball organization.

While in Australia Edmonds intends to be part of daily training sessions, with games three times a week, and also assistant coaching the younger programs.

“The whole deal! I’m looking forward to it,” Edmonds said.

“ I can’t turn it down, it’s my passion. I got to go with my heart.”