Blues meets psychedelic: Crown Lands bringing a new flare to Oshawa

Photo by Alex Debets

Cody Bowles (left) and Kevin Comeau (right) make up Oshawa's Crown Lands.

When Cody Bowles and Kevin Comeau started bonding over their mutual interest in legendary Canadian rock band Rush just over two years ago, a new band, and a critical partnership was born.

They call themselves Crown Lands. They actually met at a try-out for another band, and after jamming for two-and-a-half years, the group has returned from one of their most ambitious tours to date.

It was a tour that saw the Oshawa duo playing 14 shows in 17 days, covering much of the Canadian east coast.

Their first EP, Mantra, has a nostalgic sound, a sound that should be familiar to fans of Led Zeppelin or Rush, the influences are clear. “Mantra comes from many different places,” Bowles explained. Comeau added: “Yeah it’s like Zeppelin, Rush.”

The duo is working on a new EP, with a new, fuller, sound. “The new stuff I’m incorporating more keyboards, and just a bit more bass and different sounds. Just trying to fill out the low end. Just trying to change,” said Comeau. Bowles said the duo added the new sound “because it’s always healthy to change.”

The band is not saying much about the unannounced EP, but they have confirmed it will be recorded at the Chalet Studio in Uxbridge. Chalet Studio was also responsible for recording Roll the Bones by Rush.

No formal release date has been set for this yet unnamed project, but the band expects it to be done by next summer.

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