Who’s here at Durham College

Potential Durham College students saw the many ways they could be taught during the spring Open House.

“We’ve had lots of people pre-register,” said director of Student Recruitment and Admissions, Lisa White. “More than last year.”

Several classrooms were set up across the campus for individual programs. First-year Broadcasting student Phil La Rosa volunteered during the event.

“I thought it would be a good experience for new students who want to come in and know what the program is that they’re signing up for,” La Rosa said. “I feel like a student’s perspective is always good rather than have a professor tell them what they might expect.”

He had no idea what to expect himself. “I attended the orientation but not an open house,”  he said.

“I think it’s pretty helpful for the students,” La Rosa said. “I wish I did it when I signed up for Durham College. It would have given me a good perspective on what to expect on the coming year.”

Victoria Kelly from Whitby is interested in Public Relations, offered by the School of Media Art & Design.  “I was here two years ago for General Arts and Science just because I didn’t know what to do straight out of high school,” she said.

Kelly is interested in the variety of opportunities the program offers. “I like how there’s a lot you can do with it,” Kelly said. “It’s not just one thing.  Like you were to be in Nursing, you’re a nurse.”

Kelly likes photography and writing, interests suitable for the program. “The people in the public relations program really helped me with my questions.”

Sisters Brianne and Michaela Hogarth are hoping to attend DC for Nursing and Pre-Health, respectively. Brianne hopes to branch off to UOIT, while Michaela wants to move to the Nursing program after Pre-Health.

Michaela found the campus environment welcoming. “They care about how our education is, they care about our success,” she said.

While some who attended were already sure of their program of choice, other were looking for what piqued their interests.

“I’m kind of indecisive on what I want to do,” said Jenn Brown from Whitby. “But I have my mind on Architecture.”

While many visitors were looking at the campus classes, others spoke to students about part-time and online studies.

Nancy Martin, director of the School Continuing Education, was there to answer questions about distance learning.  “Many people don’t know what an online course looks like,” she said.

“It’s important that the staff hear what the students have to say about the courses they are interested in,”

Martin said parents were there to help with their children, but they, too, showed interest in DC.

“What’s interesting is parents are here to get their kids into their full-time programs, and then they come to us to say, “But what about about me? What about part time?””

Martin also spoke on what she sees as setting DC apart.

“That feeling of community, that we’re here to help our students, that’s why you see the huge number of volunteers from all range of the college here to help.”

There was also the opportunity to meet and DC president Don Lovisa.

“Get connected to the campus, to your programs,” he said. “Get comfortable. Show up, do your work and have fun”.


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Kayano is a second-year Broadcast Journalism student at DC. His focus lies in the arts, focusing primarily in film and television. He also hosts a show "Black Camera" on Riot Radio. Kayano hopes to be a television writer.