College grads ready for the real world

Some college and university students may feel unprepared for the real world when they graduate. However, at Durham College that isn’t always the case.

Nicholas Buffet was a student at Brock University where he studied history. He did eventually get his bachelor’s degree, but he had no idea what to do with it. His solution was to attend Durham College and study to be a paralegal instead.

Just now reaching the end of his first year at Durham, Buffet already feels more comfortable with his future career than he ever did at Brock.

“The professors and course coordinator are fairly vocal on our options for careers and how we should go about finding a job as well as any volunteer or summer opportunities that they find,” he says.

Buffet said compared to university, the professors at Durham College are more interested in helping the students along their future career path.

He added if he felt he needs help making a decision about his future he would visit the Career Development Centre.

“I feel that, especially with college, just the way the education is, it’s much more hands on. They’d be much more useful [than a university],” he said.

The Career Development Centre is located in the Student Services Building. Louise Stiles, the current development outreach coordinator at the Career Development Centre, is one of the people who works with students to help them feel prepared when they graduate and move on to the real world.

“What we do in a nutshell is everything and anything career related,” she said. “So it could be something as simple as a student needs a resume for summer employment, it could be that their needing assistance with a job search, creating a LinkedIn profile, it could be that a student comes to us through upgrading and has no idea what program to choose as they move further toward their career. So really, it’s everything and anything related to careers.”

Stiles said the reason students from Durham College seem so prepared to graduate is because of the hands-on training they receive. This helps to feel more prepared because they actually have a sense of what they will be doing during their career.

Stiles said it’s very easy to make an appointment for assistance. You need only go to the Career Development website and sign in using the same information used to sign into DC Connect.

Buffet is just one of many students who feel that they will be ready to graduate and enter their chosen career path. And while there are those who do not feel the same, they can get the help they need at Durham College’s Career Development Centre.