Attracting future students to Durham College

The Oshawa campus of Durham College opened it doors to attract soon-to-be high school graduates and mature students on April 2.

Future student

The school’s president Don Lovisa was present throughout the event, to answer questions and meet new students and their parents.

“I do this because it is great fun. It is also something that is unique in most open houses. Most presidents won’t stand all day and talk to people,” said Lovisa. “ People are curious about the college, I love to promote the college. It’s my opportunity to talk to parents and students.”

The open house is all about feedback, from students, faculty, parents and prospective students. The recruitment team sits down and debriefs after the last open house, then talks about next year and new ideas. It then tries to get them implemented, said Lisa White, director of Strategic Enrolment Services.

All 140 programs were put on display throughout the Oshawa campus. Second and first year students in the programs were available talk to families, to answer questions about what to expect in first year and what experience students will gain during their years at Durham College.

“The open house is a fabulous idea. It allows people to get a sense of who we are as Durham College,” said Lovisa.

Michael Bromby, who has been accepted to Journalism-Broadcast and Electronic Media program, stopped by the Chronicle room to sit down and talk to his future teachers. He also met a couple of current first-year students to get insight on what to expect.

“I heard a bunch of friends came here and they really enjoyed the school. I was looking into it and it looked really nice,” said Bromby.

Bromby won’t be walking into the program next year without experience. He has volunteered at a Rogers TV studio. He enjoyed lining up people to go on the show. Bromby is interested in a producer position in the future.

“I did a lot of research and finding people to come on TV shows, and so I really enjoyed that aspect,” said Bromby. “So I looked into this program and it was really nice.”

Families also got tours of the residence, the gym, the health services, and the library.

Future students got to spend the morning experiencing what the campus is like and got to meet students. They also learned about all about the different services they can access while they are students at Durham. They got a taste of what they should expect as a DC student coming into school in the fall.