Student Voices heard in SA elections at DC-UOIT, Dabbous is the new president


Students have voted and there is a new president of the Durham College-UOIT Student Association. Photo by Andrew Brennan.


Reem Dabbous is the new president of the Durham College and UOIT Student Association.

All ten members of the Student Voices slate were elected to their respective positions, according to the unofficial election results released Friday.

Dabbous led the charge and is the new SA president. She earned around 40 per cent of the presidential vote, with 656 votes.

Incumbent president and Students Unite leader Jesse Cullen was unsuccessful in his re-election campaign. He finished second with 529 votes.

Cerise Wilson finished third with 210 votes, Charlie Qaqish fourth with 176 and Parastoo Sadeghein was fifth with 59 votes in the race for president.

In the race to become the vice-president of university affairs, Ramez Moussa earned 558 votes. He defeated Students Unite newcomer Mariam Abo Nokerah, who had 471.

Vianney Nengue, the current AVP of college affairs at the Whitby campus, is now the vice-president of college affairs. He earned 308 votes and narrowly defeated Mike Guerard, who had 285.

Student Voices representatives Israel Nieto and Robyn Walter were elected as vice-presidents of the Downtown and Whitby/Pickering campuses respectively.

In another close race that saw about 1,600 students vote, Toritse Ikomi became the new vice-president of equity with 676 votes. She defeated the current VP of equity Reina Rexhmataj, who had 630 votes, while Jamila Alleyne  was third with 295.

Other positions were filled as follows:

  • Vice-president of international affairs – Jankhan Patel
  • Board director for DC media, art & design – ​Andrew Budden
  • Board director for DC health & community services – Bushra Khan
  • Board director for DC business & IT – Chris Carey
  • Board director for DC justice & emergency services – Helen Bradbury
  • Board director for DC science & engineering technology – Asha Abdulwahab
  • Board director for Whitby campus – Michael Liang
  • Board director for UOIT business & IT – Ashank Menon
  • Board director for UOIT engineering & applied science – Temi Oduyale
  • Board director for UOIT science – Siddiq Moolla
  • Board director for UOIT health science – Gabe Rose
  • Board director for UOIT energy systems & nuclear science – Gabriel Betlen
  • Board director for UOIT social sciences & humanities – Sara Ventura
  • Board director for graduate studies – Terry Price

Overall, voting numbers in the race for president were up by around 400 students.



  1. Wow, voting went up by 400 votes! Awesome 🙂 I’m also so happy for Ms. Dabbous and the entire Student Voices slate!