Reading Star Wars: The Force Awakens Novel

Author Alan Dean Foster’s novel adaption of Star Wars: The Force Awakens enriches the blockbuster’s adrenaline-laced experience.

The novel creates additional scenes not in the film. Foster also develops on background stories for individual characters, including Jakku scavenger Rey and ex-stormtrooper Finn. Each story gives the novel its own original material with new angles and material.

Taking place 30 years after Return of The Jedi, Foster’s novel includes extra information on characters, beginning with the introductory paragraph. The New Republic struggles to gain support after the horrendous and unjustified acts of their nemesis, The First Order. General Leia Organa oversees the Republic but has difficulties gaining recognition for her newly developed resistance.

Sequences move quickly between resistance pilot Poe Dameron’s capture to Finn and BB-8’s roles during the opening massacre. The novel builds on details that the film couldn’t have added due to time restrictions. Readers see familiar scenarios more in-depth with deeper character reactions and thoughts.

Foster’s writing is brilliant and gives readers a vivid picture for each chapter. His descriptions contain active verbs and concrete nouns. This descriptive writing works especially well with Rey.

The novel moves rather quickly but still contains the same number of descriptions as the opening chapters. Fans are able to learn about what happens to certain characters the movie overlooked.

Meanwhile, more aspects of characters are revealed such as their thought process and mental state, as well as inner conflicts and bonds developed over a slower time period. Readers learn more about characters, such as Kylo Ren and his obsession for Darth Vader, along with the friendship of scavenger Rey and ex-stormtrooper Finn.

The novel teases the possible parentage of Rey and the disturbing past of the ancient Supreme Leader Snoke, seducer of the Dark Side leading to Ren’s seduction. Foster continues to tease fans and readers with tiny pictures of information before jumping quickly towards a different scene.

The dialogue though similar with the film produces more creativity and information without the restriction of time. It gives insight into this well-known galaxy far, far away. Even without the support of facial expressions and movement, Foster does well with his artistic approach on paper.

Experience for a wide tale comes from his adaption of A New Hope, which was written for creator George Lucas. However, unlike The Force Awakens, Foster’s previous novel was produced before the film even began to release worldwide, giving insight and experience for the story a rather noteworthy opinion.

Star Wars fans will not be disappointed with this adaption of the sci-fi classic.

The Force Awakens is blessed with superb writing that can only be accomplished by a veteran writer familiar with the background and history of the films. Fans will be pleased with Foster’s writing. The upcoming trilogy is an exciting time for Star Wars fans.