DC spring open house next weekend

Durham College will have its spring open house on Saturday, April 2. This is a chance for future students to come and take a look at the school they could possibly attend the following school year or examine a program which they have already applied or been accepted.

The open house is a chance for students to take a tour of the college, look at the classrooms, check out the facilities the school has to offer and be able to get familiar with their future surroundings as well as talk to and get familiar with their program and faculty members.

“We want them (students) to go and talk to their program tables, so talk to the people that are teaching those programs, the program coordinators, advisors, deans,” says Lisa White, director of student recruitment and admissions at Durham College.

The tour for the open house offers breakout rooms, which are specific rooms where guests can explore labs and see the classrooms. The spring open house is more in-depth compared to the fall open house, which is a more generic says White.

There is also a chance to meet school president Don Lovisa as he greets guests at the door.

The open house had just under 4,000 students and guests at all of the campuses last year, which includes Oshawa, Whitby and the Pickering Learning Site. The college expects the same amount of people this year.

“Students should choose Durham College because the student experience comes first…that’s what we always tell people and that’s what we live and breathe here at the college,” says White.

Durham includes many benefits when attending the school such as a shared campus with UOIT, state of the art facilities, top-notch professors and engaging programs, says White.

When applying to a college students want to make sure the program they have applied to has a great job outcome.

“When they come to the open house they’re (students) talking about that with the school table, so each school will have a table and so they can talk the program’s specific questions,” she says.

Staring in the fall, there will be new programs offered at the college including graduate certificates in advanced filmmaking, and investigative journalism and documentary production along with a diploma offering in finance – business and business administration.

If students want to confirm their college offer there will be a booth available for them to do that.

All the individual schools will have booths, which will hand out prizes and Durham college merchandise to the guests such as pens, cups, T-shirts and many other school-related items.

There is also a contest where students have an opportunity to win a $2,800 certificate towards their tuition, White says.

The open house is Saturday, April 2 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. You can pre-register online to beat the rush or register once arriving. For more information on the contest and open house visit www.durhamcollege.ca/open-house.

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Jordyn Gitlin is a second-year journalism student at Durham College. When it comes to writing and reporting, she enjoys covering entertainment events. She likes to spend her spare time writing novels, reading and singing. Jordyn hopes to pursue a career in entertainment or novel writing following graduation.