Beers to Tears: The life of IT support

Jo-Anne Puglisevich works at the Information Technology (IT) desk located in the Computer Commons at Durham College, helping students with all of their computer needs.

From ensuring DC Connect is working to helping anxious students with their technology issues Jo-Anne Puglisevich and the Information Technology (IT) desk located in the Computer Commons helps make Durham College (DC) work.

From beers to tears, Puglisevich has seen it all in her eight years at DC. One of her most interesting experiences here has to be a sudsy interaction she faced with a student.

“I had an electrical engineering student come in with his laptop full of beer,” Puglisevich laughed.

Behind the scenes, Puglisevich’s job is to maintain the networks, phone systems and ensure all the computers in the labs are up and going.

Puglisevich and other IT employees help both students and faculty with any other technology issues.

She says she has seen many crying students as she helps to ease the stress of students during exam season.

Without hesitation, Puglisevich said the people make it worthwhile.

“The people are great, the students are great,” Puglisevich said. “It’s a great place to work, the people I work with are wonderful, and everyone gets along pretty good,”

Puglisevich said she has had many wonderful experiences at Durham College but student interaction is the best part of her job.

Sharing her advice, Puglisevich urged students to get involved around the school. Whether it be in functions or school events Puglisevich said it helps to make your school experience better.

So next time your computer crashes during exams or you can’t connect to the printer, you can thank Puglisevich and her team for their constant support and problem solving of all your IT issues.