Glee: It’s more than just a show


When you hear the word ‘glee’ you may think of the hit Fox TV show, but here on campus it is being brought to real life.

Students at DC and UOIT who enjoy singing and working as a team have an opportunity to join the campus Glee Club.

Sharon Trauzzi, a second year Police Foundations student at DC, has taken charge in starting up the college’s very own glee club for those who have a love for performing.

“I’ve always loved the arts so it was a perfect club for me to start,” said Trauzzi. “I had the initial idea, but I’ve had wonderful support from the other executives.”

Trauzzi took interest in starting the club when she was looking through the list of campus clubs on DC’s website last semester and came across a glee club that was listed. She then contacted the Student Association at DC and UOIT and they had said that the club unfortunately never really went anywhere.

From there, Trauzzi did some asking around by posting on the college’s Facebook page about starting a glee club and received some interest for it from some students. She then decided that she would go further and actually begin organizing the club.

Although the glee club has taken flight, there is still a calling for more students to join.

“As for progress, we’re currently looking for a larger member base,” said Trauzzi. “We have a Facebook group and we’ll be putting posters up to help around campus.”

Trauzzi said the club still has a lot of planning to do before they can actually go forth with having a show, but you may see them around campus at Christmas doing some caroling and at other events like Pangaea.

“Hopefully it’s an outlet where students can enjoy themselves and make some good tunes and times with other students!” says Trauzzi.

If you are looking to take part in the glee club join the UOIT/DC Glee Club Facebook page or contact the club at

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