Beef ban in India, divides people and causes turmoil

India seems to be going downfall under their new Prime Minister, banning the people from doing what they want and cutting down on their rights causes a stir in different communities of the nation.

Mari nakho-mari nakho!” (Kill him, kill him!) shouted the crowd in a village around India’s capital Delhi, while they dragged a 50- year-old Muslim man out of his house and beat him to death. Why? They assumed he ate beef.

Not only did the Muslim farmer lose his life, his son was critically injured.

It’s been almost a year since India elected Mr. Narendra Modi to be Prime Minister. He has been a pillar for India’s state Gujrat for several years, helping it become a hi-tech and well-developed state. But as the year has been passing, India is slowly turning over a new leaf, under a new leader but not in a good way.

While Modi has been going around the world trying to spread good relations and build a more ‘Digital India’, he has also been intentionally or unintentionally destroying its harmony and peace. Under Modi’s leadership, banning anything and everything has become a sort of trend. It started off with the ban of the documentary, ‘India’s daughter’, which described and analyzed the Delhi gang rape case in detail. Now Modi has moved on to beef.

India has a majority of Hindus, who are vegetarians, but this is not new. Yes, India has seen a few small scale issues pertaining to eating meat, but extreme steps have not been taken til recently. One cannot help but point out the fact that Indians are being pitted against each other by Modi. They are being turned against each other in the name of religion.

Every religion in India has its own rules and regulations. The Muslims don’t eat pork because it goes against their religion. The Jains don’t prefer eating root vegetables. The Hindus don’t eat beef and the Brahmans don’t eat meat at all. But the country has still managed to live in harmony. Indian politicians have always been accused of instigating the public and trying to follow a divide and rule policy, but the beef ban is an example of how the Modi government is dividing the nation in the name of religion.

Jammu Kashmir is the biggest Muslim state in India, but its assembly was not spared either. Abdul Rashid Sheik, an independent MLA, was seen showing his opposition on the beef ban by holding a beef party. Sheik said he would hold a thousand more. His speech at the assembly was stopped mid way when members of the Modi’s party attacked him physically.

If that wasn’t enough, the chief Minister of India’s state Haryana made a statement that says Muslims should stop eating beef if they want to live in India. When did politicians get the authority to decide who stays in a country?

If the government keeps instigating the public and trying to divide people based on religion, it will not be long til we see people killing each other based on personal likes and dislikes. The people need to let Mr. Narendra Modi know that he may have run the state Gujrat and made it a no meat-no alcohol state, but now he is running a country: a nation where there is a large cultural diversity – a cultural diversity that makes it ‘Incredible India.’ This diversity has been affected due to the political agendas that come with different political parties. And that is not right.

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Remona Maria Pillai is a second-year journalism student at Durham College. When it comes to writing and reporting, she enjoys covering entertainment, social issues and community events. She likes to spend her spare time reading, singing and socializing. Remona hopes to be an on-air presenter or field reporter following graduation.