A successful Open House for Durham College

Ryan Cowen, a first year student in the Broadcasting for Contemporary Media course, came to the Durham College’s Open House year a ago not knowing if he wanted to do the culinary program or get involved in a sports-related field. Cowen came to the open house and found some information on the Broadcast for Contemporary Media (BCM) program and he realized that he could use that love of sports to create a career.

“I came to the open house last year and at that time I was considering becoming a chef but then I found this program and I really enjoy it so far,” said Cowen.

Cowen loves his program so much that he decided to volunteer at the open house that took place on November 14. Cowen wanted to show potential students that DC is a great school that offers lots of options and can help with fulfilling goals.

Classrooms in the L wing were filled with students, and at times packed in like tuna so much so that it was difficult to move from one end of the room to the other. Anna Rodrigues, a professor of Broadcast for Contemporary Media, was pleased with the turnout.

“Today we had the whole room full and it was so busy that people couldn’t get through to the back,” said Rodrigues.

The open house saw about 1,000 students visit and was praised as a huge success by volunteers and staff alike.

Durham College's (DC) President Don Lovisa, spoke with students and teachers about all DC has to offer.
Durham College’s (DC) President Don Lovisa, spoke with students and teachers about all DC has to offer.

Those who choose to work and learn at DC like Karen Burnett, who works in the registrar’s office, came to see the positives and encourage potential students to attend here.

“Durham College is like a family in that we are close knit,” said Burnett

There are two open houses a year, one in spring and the other in autumn. These give the community and potential students the ability to get information on everything DC has to offer from housing to programs and careers.