Ontario Liberals announce grocery chains to sell beer


Fear not beer lovers, your favourite drink is coming to a grocery store near you sooner than you think, however, the number of stores in Durham Region is still unknown.

Ontario’s Liberal government recently announced the newest development in its changes to beer laws that allow grocery stores to sell six packs of beer.

Up to 60 stores will be allowed to sell beer by as late as the end of December. Of those 60 stores, 48 will belong to chain stores across the province.

The Liberals announced that 13 major retailers have won the bid for licenses to distribute beer starting as early as next month.

The chains that will be approved to sell beer in Ontario next month includes:

– Coppa’s Fresh Market

– Farm Boy 2012 Inc.

– Galleria Supermarket

– Hanahreuem Mart Inc.

– J & B La Mantia Ltd. (La Mantia’s Country Market)

– Loblaws Inc.

– Longo Brothers Fruit Market Inc.

– Metro Ontario Inc.

– Michael-Angelos Market Place Inc.

– Pino’s Get Fresh

– Sobeys Capital Incorporated

– Starsky Fine Foods Hamilton Inc.

– Wal-Mart Canada Corp.


The smaller independent retailers that will get 12 licenced stores have not been announced yet, but will be released to the public in the coming weeks. The government has put a ban on the grocery chains from announcing their success in the bidding process until it concludes in December.

While the small grocers that will be selling beer aren’t known yet, the Wynne government did announce the breakdown for the grocery stores that will become a retailer in the next few weeks.

The 60 contracts being given to grocery stores breaks down as follows:

25: GTA

16: Western Ontario

13: Eastern Ontario

6: Northern Ontario

By 2017 the government hopes to have 150 supermarkets with licences to sell beer, and eventually raise that number to 450 of 1,500 Ontario grocery stores according to statements on the Ontario government website.

While the process of buying beer has become easier for people, the prices have also gone up as the government has also announced increases in prices for certain quantities of beer.

The price is going up by three cents per litre, or 25 cents per 24 pack.

This increase is this first of four that will happen over the next three years.