Help save lives: Donate to the Canadian blood bank

Canadian Blood Services is asking people to roll up their sleeves and consider donating.

Canadian Blood Services took to Durham College on Oct. 27 in the Gordon Willey building and allowed students to come forward and find out what blood type they are.

CBS is returning to campus Nov. 10 at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre to host a blood donor clinic and is encouraging students to schedule an appointment with their nurses to make a donation. If the testing was missed, knowing your blood type is not needed when making a donation.

Just last year CBS stated that there is an urgent calling for donors of all blood types to come forward and donate, especially those with type A or O. But according to a CBS report, this past year they have received 98 per cent of their target goal with collecting over 850,000 units of whole blood.

Mark Donnison, CBS vice president of donor relations, said that platelets derived from blood expire just five days after a blood donation and are critical to stop bleeding.

“There are many people who need blood on a daily basis. Just think of all the people who need blood because of accidents and medical conditions,” said Donnison. “Blood donors are the great people who save them. They help keep so many people alive without even knowing them.”

According to, Canadians are some of the most loyal donors and donate more than two times per year on average.

The campus is allowing students to become more aware and to donate.

Rae Tsukamoto, a General Arts and Science student at Durham, shared that Nov. 10 will be her first time donating blood.

“I’ve always understood the importance of donating but unfortunately I just never really got around to doing it,” said Tsukamoto. “When Canadian Blood Services came to campus I found out my blood type and booked an appointment to donate for the first time ever.”

If students are unavailable on Nov. 10 they are encouraged to make an appointment to donate and can do so by visiting or calling at 1-888-2-DONATE.