Uxbridge to Nashville: The story of a small-town dreamer

From small-town Uxbridge performances to a Nashville stage, country artist Leah Daniels has had a taste of what it’s like to be a musician. After opening for country singer Alan Jackson, performing at Boots and Hearts, and recording with Beverly Mahood, the stage lights can be blinding. However, Daniels manages not to get lost in the limelight. Coming from such a close-knit community, Daniels explains how her hometown aided in her musical success.

“Growing up in Uxbridge has been so helpful and has given me so many opportunities,” Daniels says. There are so many chances to get involved in the arts Daniels shares. Her hometown offers plenty of ways for sharing musical talent whether in choir, or plays. Daniels says, she took advantage of every occasion to perform. Being involved in the community, Daniels found just how supportive the people of Uxbridge are.

In March 2015, Country 104 radio began their ‘Women of Country’ poll. Several country artists went up against each other in a fan-based poll moving on only with the most votes. It wasn’t until Daniels was put up against one of her own inspirations, Shania Twain, that she saw just how much support she had. “It’s amazing how the word spread and the people are there to support,” Daniels says. “ I owe a lot to Uxbridge and the people of Uxbridge for giving me so many opportunities, and still following me to this day.” Beating out Twain and each country artist following her, Daniels was named ‘2015’s Woman of Country.’

With rising popularity, Daniels finds ways to keep fame from changing who she is. “Family and friends are so important to keeping me grounded… they’ll call me out on stuff,” laughs Daniels. Keeping her the people who knew her before she was famous close such as; friends, and family; is one of the most important things to her. Without her strong support system and their encouragement, she says she would not be where she is today.

Daniels’ many fans supported her in winning the 2015 ‘Rising star of the Year’ at the Country Music Association of Ontario awards in May, and was nominated for two awards at the Canadian Country Music Awards. Daniels, oblivious to her stardom, says she has yet to realize that she is more than just small-town famous. “ I’m still growing, I’m still climbing, and I still have so many goals that I want to accomplish,” Daniels says. Performing just recently in Uxbridge Daniels continues to visit her hometown, regardless of her rising popularity.


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