Unlike the rain, the dogs are here to stay

After a weekend of rainy, cold weather Cayla Thompson and her girlfriend were happy to finally get out to North Oshawa Park with their two dogs.

With the convenience of living nearby, the couple and their older dog, Skippy have made a daily routine of going out to the park every day. With the recent addition of their very rambunctious one-year-old puppy, Karma, daily runs about the park have been in high demand and non-negotiable – except maybe on the rainiest days.

When the weather suddenly turned cold and the rain started to pour recently, the couple and their dogs realized they would be forced to stay indoors – despite canine negotiations.

After a few days of being stuck inside, Skippy and Karma were more than eager to get outside at the first sign of sunlight.

“I’m just out here with my girlfriend and my two dogs. And it’s been pretty cold the past couple days so it’s nice to get out and play with my dogs, they’ve been cooped up for a couple days,” said Thompson.

The couple came armed with plenty of toys to keep the dogs active, including the dog’s favourite tennis ball and Karma’s new favourite squeaky toy.

Even though the official start of fall is here, this couple and their two dogs are hoping for some more sunny, warm weather. If that isn’t in the forecast, falling leaves and fluffy snow is fine with them as long as they get out to play.

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