The man who just wants to make a Mc-difference

If you have ever visited the McDonald’s on King Street in Oshawa, there’s a good chance you’ve seen his smiling face. What started out as a teenager with a job grew into more than Din Harvey could have ever expected.

Harvey first applied to work at McDonalds in 2000. He had hoped to get a job doing janitor and maintenance work to earn some cash. Now 15 years later, he is still working there.

“Having this job has helped me wear a lot of hats. Be a team leader, and a role model,” says Harvey.

McDonald’s has played a huge role in his life. Harvey has grown with his job and loves it. He likes working at McDonalds because they give back to the community through the Ronald McDonald House Charities as well as sports sponsorships.

“After I finish work I have little kids come up to me and say ‘keep up doing a great job’… I’m almost in tears. It feels good in my heart that I’ve actually worked this hard,” says Harvey.

Harvey has also helped customers in life changing ways. He once saved a customer’s life from heat exhaustion inside of the restaurant. They needed to assist the individual and call an ambulance.

The customers at McDonald’s all know Harvey’s face very well. He is always making new memories with them. He loves when children approach him and ask for a picture with him. He hopes that customers enjoy his service and will share the experience amongst friends and family and come back. He says it has always been his gift to make people happy.

Harvey is very self-motivated and tries to lead the best life he can. In the future he would love to open up a youth centre in Oshawa to help the community out. His end goal is to start a business of his own to help provide opportunities for other people and partners.

He is a very spiritual person. Having a relaxing, calm, lifestyle is important to him as well living a happy life. In his spare time he enjoys rapping, DJing, bike riding and culinary.

Din isn’t an active user of social media but when shown a photo of himself that surfaced on Facebook of himself at work with more than 300 “Likes” it shocked him.

“Wow, that’s impressive,” he says.

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