The endless support of an Italian father

You wouldn’t think that Liberal candidate Tito-Dante Marimpietri lost in the Oshawa riding in the federal election when discussing the results with his father Tito. The proud dad welcomed all guests at the Oshawa Italian Club ensuring everyone felt comfortable.

Conservative Colin Carrie came first in Oshawa with 38 per cent of the votes. Mary Fowler from the NDP came second with 32 per cent and third went to Marimpietri with 27 per cent.

The proud dad said he looks up to the people who are willing to give away their family time for the country.

“Politics has been in his blood since he was a little boy. That was his dream to be a politician and to do the best for the city of Oshawa,” said Tito Marimpetri.

Despite the loss in Oshawa, the Liberals are forming the next government. After a decade with Conservative Stephen Harper as Prime Minister, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau won with 39.5 per cent of the nationwide votes. The Liberals now have 184 seats in Parliament.

Marimpetri’s son was born and raised in Oshawa. He grew up as a Liberal and was first inspired by Pierre Trudeau and now his son Justin. While studying Political Science at Concordia University in Quebec, Pierre Trudeau visited in support of the university program. Tito-Dante was able to meet the man he was inspired by at an early age.

Throughout the campaign, the Marimpietri family had a lot of support from family and volunteers in the community.

Marimpietri says that in Oshawa his son has noticed the loss of manufacturing jobs over the past ten years. His priority is to bring the jobs back and provide diversity for the Oshawa economy and the future generations of the citizens.

“Once the middle class works than money goes around,” said Marimpietri.

There was a good turnout of people at the Oshawa Italian Club the night of the results. Friends, family, volunteers and supporters all gathered at the cultural centre to support Marimpietri’s son and hear the election results.

Despite Tito-Dante’s loss he will continue to engage himself within the community.

Marimpietri said in this competition you must put your best foot forward and hope for the best.

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