Meet an Oshawa ink artist


A car sits outside the front of the Taunton Tattoo parlour
The Taunton Tattoo parlour located on Simcoe and Taunton.

With more than 100 tattoos on his skin, body art is more than just a hobby for an Oshawa man working out of Taunton Tattoo Company.

Greg Woodrow has been tattooing for seven years but he has been interested in tattoo art his entire life.

The 25-year-old has built up a wealth of experience during his career and was one of the founding members of the parlour, which is located near the Taunton and Simcoe intersection, just a stone’s throw from the Durham/UOIT campus.

Before Taunton Tattoo Company, Woodrow worked at a place called Wild Ink and has done guest spots at conventions all over Canada; this has enabled him to display his work to a larger audience.

Traditional tattoos are his main style but he also appreciates all the different styles that come with the job. He is aiming to start doing more Japanese-style tattoos in the future.

“There’s a lot of styles I would never attempt but I still appreciate them, and it isn’t to say I wouldn’t get that particular style on me,” he says.

Woodrow is always looking to improve his craft and loves finding new challenges daily. Cover-ups, which are changing or improving tattoos that have already been done, are something he enjoys the most.

Greg Woodrow is at work, sitting at his tattoo chair. Surrounded by his artwork.
Greg Woodrow has a passion for tattoos having more than 100 himself.

With the school year just starting, Woodrow expects there to be a lot more students coming into the shop to get inked.

“When the college kids get that government money they certainly don’t mind spending it,” Woodrow says.

Bookings fill his weekly schedule but he also accepts walk-ins, depending on his schedule.

He averages two to three walk-ins per day but has had as many as 15 in one day alone.

Woodrow’s skill is apparent and he boasts an impressive portfolio. He says he loves his job at Taunton Tattoo Company and says he has no plans of leaving the shop anytime soon.

It can be difficult to find a job that is also your passion; luckily for Woodrow his love for ink happens to be his job as well.