Jesus Corona arrived to Canada twenty-five years ago with the dream of opening an authentic Mexican style restaurant. Since arriving to Canada, he’s been able to make his Canadian dream come true, more than once.

Mexico Lindo is a family run Mexican restaurant and a second home to Corona and his wife of 25 years Belkis Marrero.

Corona has been working in the restaurant business for 30 years, and he owns two authentic Mexican style restaurants with a second location in Bowmanville called Lindo Mexico. He owned and operated three other locations across the GTA, which he
eventually sold to his siblings.

Mexico Lindo is open seven days a week and Corona says he spends most of his time at the restaurant where he is happy to be working alongside his wife, their two children and his devoted staff who have become as close to him as family.

“I like to be here all the time, I enjoy what I do,” he says.

The recipes used throughout his restaurant chain stem from Corona’s childhood, after having been taught to cook at the age of six when his mother of seven died.

“I learned from my grandmother when I was young,” he says. Corona says that his grandmother was the one who taught him how to survive.

Corona takes pride in his cuisine creations saying that he only buys quality meats that are never frozen and makes everything himself, including his own salsa and tortilla chips.

Corona says the most important thing he’s learned to value since getting into the business is his customers, making sure they get an authentic taste of Mexican food and friendly family service.

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