Liberals, Trudeau stun Tories

The Conservatives tried to tell everyone that Justin Trudeau was “just not ready’ for Canada’s top job.

Canadian voters thought otherwise and Trudeau will be Canada’s next Prime Minister as a result. In just over two years the 43-year-old has gone from being elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada to winning the 2015 federal election.

Trudeau took a surprising majority government victory rewarding the Liberals with 185 seats of Canada’s total 338, a steep climb from their previous 34 seats. The Conservatives came second with 102 seats, and the NDP third with 40 seats.

The Conservatives entered the election with 166 seats, while the NDP had 103.

Trudeau will move back to his childhood home, as he spent many of his young years at 24 Sussex Drive when his father Pierre was Prime Minister.

While Trudeau prepares to take over as Prime Minister, media reports indicate Stephen Harper has announced he will step down as Conservative party leader.

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