From Riot Radio to a reserve

From the walls of Riot Radio at Durham College and UOIT, to a gaming reserve in South Africa, Kortney Beresford had an experience to never forget.

Beresford, 23, is a volunteer coordinator at Durham College’s Riot Radio. She took two months off of her summer and travelled to South Africa where she enrolled in a Game Ranger course.
During her time there she worked at the Kwantu Gaming Reserve. She fed the animals, which included lions, cheetahs, and tigers and did manual labour, which included road maintenance, fence clearing, and tree chopping.
As part of the course she was taking classes one to two times during the week where she would learn about geology, astronomy as well as what surrounds those subjects.

“We were going on game drives, learning about the plant life, animals, animal behaviour, pretty much everything, top to bottom on the reserve which was really cool,” she said.

For her final examination she had to complete a written test as well as a practical portion where she went out on the reserve to give a three-hour tour to her supervisor where she told him about the “ups and downs, ins and outs of all the animals and plant life.”
While in South Africa Beresford said she “learned a lot about herself” because she travelled alone and was away from home for two months.

“I definitely improved on more of my social interpersonal skills,” she said explaining that every week new volunteers would come in and everyone would constantly be engaging with people from all over the world.
After spending two months on the reserve in South Africa, Beresford said she would love to go back and possibly go “somewhere different, a bigger reserve would be awesome.” She also added how she would love to travel the world more.

Ever since she was younger it was a dream of hers to go to Africa. She wanted to help animals in any way possible. She got the last spot in the Game Ranger Course so she knew this experience was meant to be.