From Poverty to Jerk Chicken: The Story of Yola Marie

Yola Marie came to Canada in 1970 to escape the poverty she faced in Jamaica, and now is a proud owner of Yola’s Caribbean Veggie Cuisine in downtown Oshawa.

“You have to be devoted, you have to love what you do. If you don’t love what you are going into, you might as well not because it will not work,” said Marie about her success.

Marie’s mom was a nurse, so when Marie moved to Canada she followed in her mother’s footsteps by attended the Durham College nursing program in Oshawa. She graduated from her program and has worked in the medical field for many years, and is still nursing.

However, a deeper passion for culinary would inspire Marie to open Yola’s Caribbean Cuisine. Marie believes the secret to her restaurant’s success lies in her restaurant’s meals.

” Yola’s is unique we make Caribbean food, Canadian food, and gluten free meals,” said Marie.

With the financial success of her restaurant, Marie has donated some of her money or food to charities such as Sick Kids Hospital, All Nations Gospel Church, and many more. Marie has won appreciation awards from many organizations for her charity work.

According to a recent Google review, Yola’s Caribbean Veggie Cuisine has received four stars out of five making it one of the highest rated restaurants in downtown Oshawa.


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