Colin Carrie re-elected as Oshawa MP

Voters of Oshawa chose to “stay blue” for the next four years as Colin Carrie will continue to be the Member of Parliament for Oshawa despite national results being a Liberal majority government.

It was a close race for the three main parties in Oshawa. The Conservatives got 38 per cent of the votes while the NDP’s Mary Fowler got 32 per cent and Tito-Dante Marimpietri of the Liberals got 27 per cent.

Supporters of Carrie gathered at Riley’s pub on King St. East in downtown Oshawa on election night. Carrie thanked his family and volunteers for all their help and support. He especially thanked Laurie Doucet who helped run Carrie’s campaign.

Doucet has been on been on Carrie’s campaign team since he was first elected as MP in 2004. He also helped with his 2006 campaign. This year’s campaign was the third time that Doucet has help Carrie with his campaign.

Carrie says, “To be a Member of Parliament, you can’t do it on you own, you need so many people to support you. In this long election, we spent literally thousands of hours knocking on doors, all of the people who helped me canvas, to put signs up, who helped me raise money, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

During that same night, both Fowler and Marimpietri visited Carrie to congratulate him on his victory. Fowler said to Carrie that she is looking forward to four years from now.

Carrie says that this election’s campaign was much longer than past years.

“So it was more doors, more resources required, we had great volunteers, I got to tell you that the commitment of my team was phenomenal, so I’m just so pleased that I had the team behind me like the support of my family and also the support of my community going forward,” Carrie says.

He adds his next steps are to work with his team to close up this year’s campaign. He is also looking forward to moving on and seeing how he can serve Oshawa over the next four years.