Bargain shopping for high-end fashion

The colourful racks of clothing and shelves of high fashion shoes at Play It Again Val make the perfect combination for new fall attire. Well, newer to those who make the purchase.

It’s hard to believe that someone else wore these chic looks. Play It Again Val and other consignment stores like Mulberry Bush and It’s Worth Repeating, create a more convenient way for customers to shop for fashionable and affordable clothing in their nearby plaza.

Dianne Hanko owns the shop Play It Again Val, which is located in Ajax. Hanko says consignment stores, as opposed to retail, create more of a selection of items in a more organized manner with cheaper prices.

Shopping at your local consignment shop not the only makes you feel refreshed, it helps your local community. Most consignment shops take the time to donate what they do not sell. What you donate gets passed along to those in need.

So what makes a consignment shop different from a thrift store? Consignment stores make sure their clothing is fashionable and have good quality. Thrift stores take what they get.

“We pick through the clothes ahead of time,” says Hanko.

Play It Again Val also donates to a number of charities like Sick Kids Hospital.

According to, Durham alone has 25 consignment shops of their own for local residents of the region. These range from bridal consignment, women’s, men’s and kid’s consignment.

These shops have quality clothing for affordable prices. If you don’t live close to a mall or shopping centre, take to your local strip mall or plaza. You might find a fashion gem.

Whether it is a trip to Play It Again Val, Mulberry Bush, or It’s Worth Repeating, you will find your fashionable fall look in no time. You might even be able to walk there and pick a stylish new outfit with only 20 dollars in your pocket.