Tom Lynch, his life outside of work

Tom hard at work as Head of Campus Security, but there is more to the retired cop then what meets the eyes.
Tom hard at work as Head of Campus Security, but there is more to the retired cop then what meets the eyes. Photo by Michael Clark


Many of us know Tom Lynch as head of campus security here at Durham College, but who is he when he’s not doing his daily job? What is this retired cop’s life outside of work?


Lynch was born to Irish immigrants that moved to Canada in the late 1950s. His father came to Canada to work on the Avro Arrow project as a flight technician, but was soon looking for other jobs after the federal government canceled the project.


His father had first hoped the young Lynch would join the army and would follow in his father footsteps, to becoming a flight technician but his son had other ideas.


“Considering the brilliance and intelligence of my father, when it comes to engineering, in math and stuff I still count on my fingers and toes and half the time I’m still wrong,” said Lynch, with a laugh.


After two years in the reserves, Lynch left the army and told his parents he wanted to be a police officer. After pushing his parents to realize this was what he wanted, they supported him the rest of the way. In the end they were happy for his career.



Lynch went to Seneca College for two years to learn law enforcement and, in 1981, got a job as a cadet with the Toronto Police Service, since he wasn’t yet 21. Lynch was an officer with the Toronto police for the next 31 years, leaving with the rank of detective sergeant.


“I left because in my early forties I decided to go back to school to make myself more marketable for potentially a second career,” said Lynch.


He went on to study at Guelph University for justice studies and Cincinnati University to get his masters in Criminal Justice Studies.


Outside of law and justice, Lynch partakes in something few know about: theatre.


Both of his teenage boys were into theatre. It started twelve years ago and, at first, Lynch just drove them to their plays, but slowly he was sucked into the world of theatre.


He later volunteered to make the production sets for the plays, with his wife making the artwork and painted sets.


These are the times were his family all came together with a common passion. Lynch soon grew to love drama, started taking on roles, and even dancing and singing. This March, Tom had his first lead role as Caiaphas in Jesus Christ Super Star.


Lynch is a proud workaholic. With the college in the morning and theatre at night, he loves it all. That’s not to say he can’t relax once in a while. Besides ‘pajama day’ when he’s off work, he someday hopes to retire, travel to Cuba, and walk on the Varadero beach, with 26 miles of white sand, blue water and his Bubba Keg Mug so he can keep his beer cold.