Don Lovisa talks about his life away from work

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THE PRESIDENT ON THE JOB: Don Lovisa has little time to relax these days. Photo by Taylor Prest


Important figures and intimidating titles are a challenge to look past. However when you have a conversation with these professionals, you may realize they are no different than everyone else, including the president of Durham College, Don Lovisa.


Beyond the title, Lovisa is a father, husband, and grandfather who adores playing music, going to campus events, and travelling the world with his family. He has twin grandsons and has been married to his wife for more than thirty years.


Lovisa doesn’t treat his role like a job but as a lifestyle. Through attending community events,

and meeting important figures, such as the prime minister of Canada, he said that being friendly and approachable goes a long way for leadership roles.


“There’s a part of these jobs that is extremely enjoyable and does become beyond a day to day of being in a job,” said Lovisa. “It becomes a lifestyle as opposed to you come to work you do your job and you go home.”


This ties in with much of the travelling he does with his family and friends. Lovisa has visited Italy, Mexico, the U.S., and Thailand. He wishes to travel to every single country with his wife and children.


During his encounter with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Lovisa said they talked beyond their roles. Both discussed their families back at home and the things they had in common, such as being raised in a trade’s family. They’re both from northern Canada and he said they communicated without intimidation of one another.


Lovisa always tells students and faculty to realize there are people behind that fancy title and they do the same things and feel the same kind of emotions as anyone else.


“They’re just living normal lives,” said Lovisa. “You strip away the title and people are just people.”


Lovisa has many hobbies including painting, golfing, camping, and music. He was a guitarist for a band when he was young and has a passion for all genres of music. He even has a chair located in his office that resembles a blue electric guitar.


Lovisa continues to attend campus events to interact with his many students and staff members outside of work and to show his support for the college. He is just a man who enjoys social gatherings, playing sports, and spending time with his loved ones like anyone else.